LAMP Seminar
Language and Media Processing Laboratory
Conference Room 4424
A.V. Williams Building
University of Maryland
September 19, 2000, 1:00 PM
Gary Kuhn

Columbia, MD

On Making Local Contrast Independent of Intensity in Image Processing


In 1991, an image processing technique was proposed to make local contrast independent of intensity. This technique was successfully applied in mammography. We will describe an experiment in which we tested the technique by imaging tissue-equivalent blocs and artificial micro-calcifications on a digital mammography machine. This test led us to propose a modified technique. After explaining the original and modified techniques, we will discuss whether text detection in video might be improved by the application of a similar technique. Joint work with O. Gurun, MS, P. Fatouros, Ph.D., E. Shaw de Paredes, MD Medical College of Virginia.

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