LAMP Seminar
Language and Media Processing Laboratory
Conference Room 4406
A.V. Williams Building
University of Maryland

NOVEMBER 17, 1998, 1:00
Dr. David Goldberg

Xerox PARC
Text Entry on Pen Computers


What is the best interface for entering text into a pen computer? The earliest pen computers used AI programs that tried to interpret a user's natural handwiting. In 1993 paper, I argued that it would be better to require users to learn a specific way of writing. I will discuss the motivation of my proposal, and whether it still makes sense even as handwriting recognition technology improves. I will also report on developments since my original paper. This will include some little known systems and some (relatively) well known systems such as Dan Venolia's T-Cube, Ken Perlin's Quikwriting, and the best known of all, the PalmPilot's Graffiti.

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