LAMP Seminar
Language and Media Processing Laboratory
Conference Room 4406
A.V. Williams Building
University of Maryland

Tuesday, November 10th, @ 1pm

Sean Lee and Felix Sukhenko

Controlling Videos with Java

This is an informal presentation about our exploration of two Java programming techniques for displaying MPEG videos continuously and frame by frame.
The first technique is an extension of public domain Java source code for decoding and displaying MPEG video. This approach requires a good understanding of the MPEG format. Therefore we will provide a general overview of MPEG parsing, and random access issues, such as the breakdown of the MPEG video into group of pictures, and the usage of information within these segments. We will also look at a sample MPEG decoding program.

The second technique consists of using the Java Media Framework (JMF) under development by Sun and Intel. We will describe the applications of the JMF and the shortcomings of the present implementation. We will describe how these shortcomings can be circumvented to provide frame by frame control of MPEG videos.

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