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  FALL 2000
August 30th, 2000: Yuen-Hsien Tseng, Department of Library and Information Science at Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan. Chinese OCR Text Retrieval: Stratagies and Their Performance Evaluation

September 19th, 2000: (Special Room) Gary Kuhn, SAIC AT&SG, Columbia, MD On Making Local Contrast Independent of Intensity in Image Processing

September 26th, 2000: Maija Metso, University of Oulu Multimedia Adaptation for Hybrid Environments

October 3rd, 2000: Daniel Lopresti, Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies, Inc Searching Noisy Data Using Noisy Queries

October 17, 2000: (Special Room) Zoran Duric, George Mason University Detection, Location, and Tracking of People in Video Images

Nov. 21 Christian Shin, University of Maryland, The Roles of Document Structure in Document Image Retrieval and Classification

Dec. 1 A. Antonacopoulos, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom Text Extraction from WWW Images

Dec. 12 Chris Stapleton, University of Central Florida, Putting the Virtual into Reality... The challenges and opportunities in the convergence of experience-based entertainment and simulation technology
  SPRING 2000
Jan. 25th Robert Kolker The Moving Image Reclaimed: Computer-based Analysis of Film

Feb. 22th Robert W. Massof Computer-Assisted Electro-Optical Low Vision Enhancement

Mar. 2nd Helen Meng The Use of Syllables and Words for Indexing Spoken Documents in Chinese

Mar. 3rd Hsin-Min Wang Retrieval of Mandarin Spoken Documents Based on Syllable Lattice Matching

Mar. 13th Toni Piirainen Video Indexing System
  FALL 1999
Oct. 12th Michal Irani Multi-Frame Analysis of Information in Video

Oct. 19th Yuan Qi Subband-based Independent Component Analysis

Oct. 26th Ramani Duraiswami Source Localization by Acoustic Measurements

Nov. 9th Dov Dori, Technion Cognitive-Based Image Retrieval

Nov. 16th Fan Jiang The Role of Spectral Flattening in Vector-based Information Retrieval

Nov. 23rd Venugopal Govindaraju, CEDAR Adaptive Pattern Recognition

Nov. 30th Ryan Jones Video Passage Retrieval

Dec. 7th Huiping Li Video text denoising and enhancement using on super-resolution

Dec. 14th No Meeting

Dec. 21st No Meeting

  SPRING 1999
Feb 9th Alex Hauptmann, Carnegie Mellon University, The Informedia Digital Video Library Talk Annoucement

Feb 16th Spring Kickoff: Software and Hardware Demos

Feb 23rd No Meeting

Mar 2nd No Meeting

Mar 9th Huiping Li, Digital Text Processing in Document and Video Databases

Mar 16th David Doermann, The Use of Meta Data in Indexing and Retrieval

Mar 23rd Doe-Wan Kim, Script and Language Identification for
Optical Character Recognition Abstract

Apr 6th Song Mao, Machine Printed Chinese Character Recognition

Apr 13th Henry Baird, Xerox PARC, Document Image Analysis Research at PARC

Apr 20th No Meeting

Apr 27th Jayashree Subrahmonia, IBM, T.J.Watson Research Center Putting Pen to Smart Paper

May 4th Huiping Li, Text Enhancement in Digital Video Using Multiple Frame Integration

May 11th Ismail Haritaoglu, W4: A real time visual surveillance system for monitoring human activities.

  FALL 1998
Aug 25th Fall Kickoff

Sept 1st Vikrant Kobla MPEG - 2 Overview

Sept 8th No Meeting: Quarterly Review 9-10-98

Sept 15th Marc Vuilleumier Introduction to Music Recognition

Sept 22 Narbek Manukian, Ron Riley, Logicon Author Recognition and Keyword Spotting in Handwritten Documents

Sep 29th Huiping Li Overview of MPEG 4

Oct 6 Ryan Jones, UMIACS/LAMP MPEG-7 Overview

Oct 13 John D. Hobby, Lucent Technologies Proper Display and Accurate Recognition of Document Images

Oct 20th Christian Shin, UMIACS/LAMP Appearance-Based
Recognition of Document Images

Oct 27th NO MEETING OCR Short course

Nov 10th Sean Lee and Felix Sukhenko, UMCP Controlling Videos with Java

Nov 17th David Goldberg, Xerox PARC Text Entry on Pen Computers


Dec 1 Marc Vuilleumier Supervised Classifiers: an Overview

Dec 8 Yihong Gong, Carnegie Mellon University, A Novel System for Advanced Content-Based Image Retrieval

Dec 15 Vasanth Philomin,CFAR, University of Maryland, Real-time Generic object detection with applications in intelligent vision based navigation

  SPRING 1998
Feb 9 Huiping Li Page Segmentation Evaluation

Feb 16 Ryan Jones Two approaches to mosaicing: Salinet
Video Stills and Video Orbits

Feb 23 Virkrant Kobla Thesis Proposal Review

Mar 2 Tapas Kanungo Automatic Generation of Groundtruth for OCR Performance Evaluation and Training

Mar 9 Saad Sirohey Survey of Face Detection and Recognition Sung and Poggio,"Example-Based Learning for View-Based Human Face Detection", IEEE Trans. PAMI, Vol. 20, No. 1, pp 39-51, 1998, Rowley, Baluja, Kanade, "Neural Network-Based Face Detection", IEEE PAMI, Vol. 20, No. 1, pp 23-38, 1998.

Mar 16 Tapas Kanungo Tutorial on Hidden Markov Models: PART 1

Mar 23 SPRING BREAK Student Meeting

Mar 30 Daniel DeMenthon Face Detection by Simultaneous Correspondence and Affine Transformation Optimization

Apr 6 Tapas Kanungo Tutorial on Hidden Markov Models: PART 2

Apr 13 Sami Nieminen Characterization of video content

Apr 20 Christian Shin Document Structure Representation, Matching, and Classification

Apr 27 Jing Ke Zone Classification

May 4 David Doermann/Charles Lin ViPER and Video Ground Truthing

May 11 Lynn Golebiowski (NSA) An Introduction to Systems and Procedures for Configuration Management and Multi-platform Support.

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