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  FALL 2000
August 30th, 2000: Yuen-Hsien Tseng, Department of Library and Information Science at Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan. Chinese OCR Text Retrieval: Stratagies and Their Performance Evaluation

September 19th, 2000: (Special Room) Gary Kuhn, SAIC AT&SG, Columbia, MD On Making Local Contrast Independent of Intensity in Image Processing

September 26th, 2000: Maija Metso, University of Oulu Multimedia Adaptation for Hybrid Environments

October 3rd, 2000: Daniel Lopresti, Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies, Inc Searching Noisy Data Using Noisy Queries

October 17, 2000: (Special Room) Zoran Duric, George Mason University Detection, Location, and Tracking of People in Video Images
  SPRING 2000

February 1st, 2000 1:00: Robert Kolker, University of Maryland, College Park.The Moving Image Reclaimed: Computer-Based Analysis of Film

February 22nd, 2000 1:00: Robert W. Massof, Lions Vision Research and Rehabilitation Center Wilmer Ophthalmological Institute Johns Hopkins University School of MedicineComputer-Assisted Electro-Optical Low Vision Enhancement

March 2nd, 2000 4:00: Helen Meng, (office)The Use of Syllables and Words for Indexing Spoken Documents in Chinese

March 3rd, 2000 2:00: Hsin-Min Wang, Institute of Information Science Academia Sinica Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China Retrieval of Mandarin Spoken Documents Based on Syllable Lattice Matching

  FALL 1999
October 12th, 1999 1:00: Michael Irani, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel, Multi-Frame Analysis of Information in Video

November 9th, 1999 1:00: Dov Dori, Technion Cognitive-Based Image Retrieval

November 23th, 1999 1:00: Venu Govindaraju, CEDAR Adaptive Pattern Recognition
  SPRING 1999

April 27th, 1999 1:00: Jayashree Subrahmonia, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center Putting Pen to Smart Paper

April 13th, 1999 1:00: Henry S. Baird, Xerox PARC Document Image Analysis Research at Xerox PARC
  FALL 1998
December 1st, 1998 1pm: Marc Vuilleumier, UMCP Supervised Classifiers: an Overview

December 8th, 1998 1pm: Yihong Gong, Carnegie Mellon University, A Novel System for Advanced Content-Based Image Retrieval

November 17th, 1998 1pm: David Goldberg, Xerox PARC, Text Entry on Pen Computers

October 13th, 1998 1pm: John Hobby, Lucent Technologies, Proper Display and Accurate Recognition of Document Images

September 22nd, 1998 1pm: Ronald A. Riley and Narbik Manukian, Logicon RDA, Author Recognition and Keyword Spotting in Handwritten Documents
  SPRING 1998
April 28th, 1998 4pm: ARL FALCon Team, The FALCon Testbed: OCR, MT and Multi-lingual Retreival

March 17th, 1998 1:03pm-2:30pm: George Ziets, Wide-Range high-precision guages: Design possibilities and empirical studies.

March 20th, 1998 11:00am: Frank McFadden, Personal Identification from Mugshot Ear Images

March 4th, 1998 3pm: R. Manmatha Finding Text in Images
  FALL 1997
August 25th, 1997 4pm: R. Manmatha Image Retrieval by Appearance

August 1st, 1997 3pm: Richards Schwartz, A New Algorithm for the Classification of Multiple Simultaneous Topics
  SPRING 1997
May 29th, 1997: Larry Spitz, GEOCR: Good Enough OCR

Feb 11, 1997 : Thomas Drayer, A Design Methodology for Creating Programmable Logic-based Real-time Image Processing Hardware

Feb 6, 1997 : Paul Gader, Evolution of a Handwritten Word Recognition Algorithm

Jan 24, 1997 : Tapas Kanungo, A Statistical Methodology for Validating Document Image Degradation Models
  FALL 1996
Nov 15, 1996 : Henry S. Baird, Multi-Lingual Page Readers

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