Creating LAMP Technical Reports

All TRs must conform to our formatting standards, which includes a TR cover, abstract and paper. The technical reports will be put online and we must have a properly formatted and numbered cover page. Templates are available at the bottom of this page.

CURRENT TR CONTACT: David Doermann (, x51767)


  1. Prepare the document, make sure the document is complete and without errors.
    a. Check spelling and notation.
    b. Include supporting grant information in a footnote on the title page.
  2. Contact the person above to get Technical Report Numbers for CS, UMIACS, CFAR and LAMP ONLY after you have complted stop one. In an email, you will need to provide the following information:

    List of TR Numbers Requested: LAMP, CS, UMIACS, CFAR

    Corresponding Author:

    Corresponding Author Email:




  3. Report numbers that must be included on the title page before submission.
  4. Prepare your technical report to include the following
    1. Technical Report Cover(s). Please use either the latex and MSWord templates at the site below to insure we are consistent ). The title pages will contain the TR Numbers, Authors, Abstract and Acknowledgments
    2. Abstract (ASCII version)
    3. Technical Report Body (choose one)
      • A PS or PDF file with the Cover page integrated as a single file
  5. Provide the contact with the final content (from 3)
  6. The PS file will be put online at Check to make sure your paper has been uploaded properly.

Technical Report Information and Templates:



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