The hubcap closed caption decoder provides a way to capture the closed caption signal from any video signal as a text file. The output is time stamped, but not necessarily synchronized with the video. In fact, the two (digitization and closed caption capture) are independent.

- The hubcap box is plugged into the top serial port on Phad (the left PC). Turn off the computer, before you hook it up.

Use the output from the VCR to input to the Hubcap device. Since the video out is NOT used for the miro board on the other PC (the video signal is split before that) you can use that (its yellow).

When closed caption signals are coming into the box, the data light will flash.

To capture the signal, start up HUBCAP located in c:\hubcap\hubcap. The instructions are self explanatory. David Doermann has all of the documentation.