Scanworx by Xerox

CfAR personell have access to the ScanWorX API which provides a set of libraries and functions in use with C language programs. The core of the package is an OCR engine which operates on a server and a set of programs need to be running for any linked program to work. The license servers must be running on betelgeuse, you can check to see if they are working by executing:

ps -agx | grep icr
ps -agx | grep xis

and if they are not present they can be invoked by running the following in the background:


The API home is at /fs/betelgeuse/ScanWorx. Examples of code can be found in the examples directory as well as ~gilman/ScanWorX/examples, ~gilman/ScanWorX/looper. Gilman's examples have been proven to work in CfAR's machines with a associated Makefile. Due to extreme complexity of the programming, the user is encouraged to go through the examples and modify them to come up with the desired code. Examples have good documentation are logically structured.
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