Photoshop Image Processing Software

The photoshop software is a very simple product to use and I am sure that anybody with any computer experience will be able to get it running to their satisfaction. A couple of notes are in order to start the process.

Photoshop's home is at /fs/orion/adobe/Photoshop_3.0.1 with the photoshop binary in the bin directory. Photoshop is a licensed software and the current license is a cpu locked license meaning that the full functional application will run only on a specific machine where in our case is orion. If you run the binary in another machine, photoshop will execute but will complain about the wrong machine and will disable the save and export functions. It is also a single user license and if you run photoshop when someone else is running it, it will complain about it, show who is running it, and disable the save and export functions. The first time a person runs the program a directory structure will get created in their home directory called AdobePhotoshop3 with the appropriate links as if the directory is the working home for photoshop. Again, this is an extremely easy program to use and users are encouraged to plunge in and use it for themseleves.

At this time the openscan software is not functional with the photoshop plug-in option. Since a scanner is not attached to orion this calls for a unique problem, however, openscan by APUnix should provide for photoshop plug-in along with remote scanning. When this function is available we will modify these pages to reflect the new functions.

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