APUnix Scanning Software

APunix software's home is at /fs/orion/apunix with most of the documentation and binaries kept in its scanner directory. The name of the executable binary is openscan which resides in /fs/orion/apunix/scanner/bin/openscan and should be put in your path. For now the only machines that can scan documents are saiph and bellatrix. Since saiph's scanner has a document feeder, we will use examples of its openscan software for demonstration in this document. Upon execution of the openscan binary a control panel is created which looks like:

Before we progress, this is an Open Look graphical user interface which in my experience has different settings for mouse controls. The pull down menus (buttons with a triangle pointing down) are accessed by clicking the right mouse button and the regular buttons are depressed by the left mouse button. Note that there is no File pull down menu which will let you quit gracefully, instead my setup is such that the left mouse button on the top left button of the title bar provides a close option which lets me exit from the application. Without going into openwidows detail note the following, a pull down menu for use of flatbed which also lets you use the automatic document feeder, scan area for specification predertermined scanning region, resoution specification which has vertical, horizontal, and depth resolution, and image processing options which is actually a function of the depth resolution (for color or binary there exists different image processing options). These options need to be set appropriately to get a workable image, however, you need to know about other valuable options. When depressing the right mouse botton on Props menu a set of options will show the following:

Most of the above options are self explanatory but the most important options which you need to consider are file, view, production, and document options. When selecting the file option you will be shown the following window:

Most of the options are self explanatory, but makes sure to have the correct setting for Image file formats. Especially for ScanWorX OCR application you need to set the Binary Image File Format to TIFF Group 4. To do this, press the right mouse button on the pull down menu to get:

The view options shows some usefull options such as viewing scale and looks like:

The production option is extremely usefull for performing scans of multiple images especially using the automatic document feeder option. The options window looks like:

Make sure to have the Automatic File Name Generation button in the On position, making the rest of the choices available for use. Automatic file name generation consists of part of the Production window, with the other parts being specification of viewing scanned images and image rotation. The choices are self explanatory.

The Document options window looks like this:

A document is meant to be an organization of multiple scans and using this feature the document can easily be organized.

The man pages are at /fs/orion/apunix/scanner/man and can be viewed using:

nroff -man /fs/orion/apunix/scanner/man/man1/openscan.1 | more

APUnix also has a set of web-pages for their products and it holds a large repository of related information. Other functionality of this software is to be used remotely and be used as a photoshop plug-in. At this time either one is not working but information will be available as soon as they are working.
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