List of LAMP Sponsors

The UMIACS faculty conduct research programs covering a broad range of areas, addressing both fundamental core computer science issues and fundamental problems at the interface between computer science and other disciplines. The infrastructure provided by UMIACS is primaryily geared toward supporting interdisciplinary research.

We welcome collaboration from universities, government organization and non-profit coprorations as well as sponsorship of corporate partners. In additional to beneifiting directly from research and development, both collaborators and partners will benefit from education, participation and direct communication with researchers. Researchers can spend time onsite working directly with our group at various levels.

Sponsorship of PhD students work, combined with summer internship opportunities has proven extreamly valuable as a recuriting tool. Companies who sponsor research can help define research directions, quickly evaluate new ideas and participate directly in research developments if desired.

There are a number of ways to sponsor research at the LAMP Lab including:

  • Gifts of software and equiptment fundemental to the underlying research
  • Gifts to support general infrastructure or specialized research topics for graduates and undergraduates.
  • Direct contracted support for students and facutly researchers
  • Cooperation or teaming agreements on funded research.

Corporations working directly with LAMP researchers can share in the Intellectual property and have access to signfiicant experience in many areas of language, document and image processing.


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