SDIUT provides a unique opportunity to interact with government researchers and demonstrate capabilities in research and development or engineered solutions. We will be continuing our focus on interaction with a demonstration and poster session (and reception) on Thursday afternoon, November 3rd. Leading OCR and document analysis companies will demonstrate their products. There is no additional charge for participation.

As soon as you are registered, we will provide links to any promotional material on your company or product for others to review prior to the conference.

If you are interested in a demonstration, please send a description of your company, product and/or demonstration to SDIUT05@umiacs.umd.edu


If you are a participating vendor in the Exhibit and Demo session and would like
to have a couple of pages of material included in the handouts for participants, please send 120 copies of the material to the Symposium coordinator as soon as possible and at the latest by October 1st. Please contact the Symposium coordinator for more information.